What Can You Expect?

What You Can Expect

Our experience of the litigation process, combined with a complete understanding of the circumstances and consequences of your injury/accident, are used to build your case. This allows us achieve the highest level of compensation for you.

If we believe we can assist you in pursuing a claim, we will discuss the matter with you to obtain all of the information surrounding the case – a detailed account of what happened and the problems you have suffered  subsequently and we can then put together a plan and explain to you what happens next to successfully pursue your claim.

We continuously keep an open channel of communication with clients, updating them regularly with the developments of their case and its progress.  We put huge emphasis on a strong client/solicitor relationship and offer professional expert advice – jargon free and honest.

  • Consultation

    We listen to your story and detemine how we can help you with your claim.

  • Sign Agreement

    Short & simple, but sorting out the nitty gritty.

  • Build The Case

    Gather and analyse evidence for your claim.

  • Negotiation

    Aim to reach a settlement for your case. Most claims do not proceed to court, but if it does we will be with you every step of the way.

  • Complete Settlement

    Conclude the claim and process the compensation payment.

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