• False

    A defamatory statement is one which tends to injure a person’s reputation (or that of a company) in the eyes of reasonable members of society, who may hear or read said statement.

  • Published

    The term Defamation covers 'permanent' publications such as written allegations, allegations broadcast on TV or Radio, or allegations posted online.

  • Identifiable

    It is sufficient that a person is capable of being identified by a defamatory statement – they do not need to be named.

If you or your company have been the victim of a defamatory statement you need to act fast to appoint a solicitor to defend your reputation.  You have just one year from the date the statement was made to issue proceedings.

A crucial component for any business or individual is their reputation. If you, or your company, has been the victim of defamation you need to act fast and appoint a solicitor to defend that reputation.

Regardless of the nature of the defamation, Fox & Co Solicitors are here to help.  We are extremely aware that the costs of defamation are not just financial.  We will help you resolve a defamation case as quickly and efficiently as is possible, meaning you can get back to ‘normal’! Should the defamation claim be unresolvable by negotiation, we will take all necessary action in bringing the matter before the courts.

Defamation cases are likely to get personal and therefore sensitive and we will approach the issues as appropriately as we can with you. Our experience and expertise in this area of litigation will ensure that you will be guided through the legal processes easily and we will fight every step of the way to help clear your name and protect your interests, whether they are personal or professional – all with as little stress and upset as possible to you.

  • Defamation

    • Defamatory Statement

    • Malicious falsehood

    • Pre-publication advice

    • Privacy

    • Harassment

    • Media Law

  • Mediums

    • Newspaper and magazine articles

    • Television and radio broadcasts

    • Emails

    • Websites, chatrooms and forums

    • Employee references

    • Advertising material

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